Find Me - Book cover imageFind Me. J. S. Monroe,

Don Mills, Ontario : Mira, [2017]

I've had them, bereavement hallucinations. It's uncanny, how absolutely certain I was that the person I "saw"  was really there.

Jar's girlfriend, Rosa, apparently committed suicide by jumping off the end of a pier in England five years ago. During that time, Jar has always been certain she did not die, but cannot prove it. Now, after five years and grief counseling, he's certain he's seen Rosa in a train station, even though she doesn't look much like herself.

The chapters alternate among four narrators: Jar, Rosa (through diary entries Jar is reading,) Rosa's Aunt Amy, and Amy's husband Martin. The author expertly unspools a chilling tale of conspiracy, computer hacking, stalking, fear, hope, and despair that will keep you guessing until the end.  This would make an excellent book club choice.