"Are You Somebody? : the Accidental Memoir of a Dublin Woman" by Nuala O'Faolin. Henry Holt & Co., 1998, c1996.

This was a hot title when it was first published. It started ordinarily enough, and ended fairly well. The middle, however, should probably not have been made public knowledge. Miss O'Faolin was a prominent newscaster and producer - the voyeuristic exposition of her family's troubles seems like a betrayal. It was interesting to see how attitudes have changed over the years, pre- and post-femlib, and also to see how, in modern times, the Irish are still looked down on in England. Probably her experience as a newscaster and reporter led her to "report' the circumstances of her life with the idea of making it a "case" representative of her times that could be studied as well as a vehicle for laying her demons to rest. This was a disturbing read.