"The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger. MacAdam/Cage Pub., c2003.

It's impossible to know where to begin in describing this book. Clare and Henry meet, marry, and ultimately have a daughter. Clare is an artist; Henry is a librarian with a peculiar genetic disorder that causes him to abruptly and unexpectedly transport back and forth in time within his life. This causes disconcerting disconnects between himself, his wife, his job, and the everyday normalcy one expects. There is an indication that a cure or control may be possible, but not in the immediate future.

I gave up trying to keep track of dates and ages as Clare ages and Henry time-travels, and just enjoyed the story. However, the ending introduced some new implications and became somehow very disturbing. I would read it again just to see if I could comprehend the potential impacts on the lives of the characters.