"The Prosecutors [A Year In The Life Of A District Attorney's Office]" by Gary Delsohn. Roseland, NJ : Listen & Live Audio, p2003.

Author-reader Delsohn follows the progress of six high-profile crimes prosecuted by the Sacramento County District Attorney's office in a recent year.

This is only the second audiobook I've "read", but I learned that true crime in audio is not for me. I was living in Sacramento when the crimes occurred or were tried, and I found it too much like listening to the news.
During our book club discussion, though, some folks said they found it interesting to see the prep work required to bring the criminals to trial, and also were surprised at how much politicking and dealing went on in the DA's office in the interests of getting a conviction.


"Winning every time : how to use the skills of a lawyer in the trials of your life" by Lis Wiehl. New York, Balantine Books, 2004

Wiehl is a trial lawyer, commentator and legal analyst. She illustrates the steps anyone can follow to build a solid "case", argue it rationally, defend it, and win in all the arenas of life: home, work, and school. Each step is explained in its own chapter and brought to life with vivid examples.